Amanda Sophia - Priestess and Feng Shui Master Amanda Sophia
Celtic Priestess & Feng Shui Master

Divine Woman Awakening

Awaken the Divine Woman Within

Embark on a transformative year-long
journey towards wholeness, power, and joy.

Embrace Celtic wisdom and goddesses, awakening your Divine Woman essence. Harmonize with Mother Nature, healing and nurturing yourself, cultivating your inner magic.

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Moon Cycles

Awaken your inner goddess

Are you ready to Dance with the Divine?

This Program is for you if…

  • You are weary of wandering.
  • You find yourself struggling with past wounds
  • You long to feel whole and content
  • You want to advance your Spiritual Practice

The Divine Woman Awakening is a journey to wholeness, healing, and revitalization of the mind, body, and spirit. It is a complete and utter surrender to the powers that cultivate magic in our everyday lives, how we view things, a mindset shift if you will. You will learn to live life as a ritual, as a practice and your view on the twenty-four hours in a day will shift to the potential instead of the pressure.

We reclaim our birthrights, our truth, and authenticity, and they are here for you to relish in, reclaim your body, your sensuality, your darkness, your light and your shadows, speak from your truth, listen from your intuition and sing from your heart!

It is time to claim your right to live in a place of empowerment, connectedness, and joy. This immersive experience will nourish your soul and support you as you step into your highest self.

You can start today!

There is no waiting period, and no expectation or time frame of completion. We highly recommend attending the LIVE gatherings listed for each spiral, however, life gets busy, and if you have missed the LIVE gatherings start date you are welcome to join in at any point or watch the recordings at your own leisure. Each spiral is designed to follow the season, whether you purchase a single spiral or the full program, the content is intentionally designed to be self-paced, turn-key, and cultivated to adapt to your lifestyle.

Hear from the Women who Awakened to their Inner Magic

Become a community leader

This program focuses on nurturing your inner self and facilitating personal healing but you will also gain the tools and knowledge necessary to guide others on their own healing journeys. By embracing the practices of this community, you have the potential to become a ceremonialist, a facilitator of the Divine, a Priestess, and a leader embodying the essence of the Divine Feminine.

We will provide you with scripts in Gaeilge and English for ceremonies & rituals such as:

Baby Naming CeremonyCroning Ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony | Greening ceremony

Menopause Ceremony | Rights of Passage

Blood Rituals | Initiations & more!

You will learn how to lead circle and guide meditations, how to guide souls through the points of the Celtic Wheel and how to create safe and sacred spaces for yourself and others. By cultivating this ability, you open doors to career opportunities within your local community, where you can serve as a facilitator, a healer, a leader, and a supporter to those seeking guidance and transformation.

These are powerful tools to customize according to your client’s needs and adapt these to the practicality of the modern day. Allowing you to facilitate healing in a way that erupts abundance in your own life!

Are you ready to lead your community into the light?

Careers that this program compliments

























Nurture your sacred Alchemy

Unveil the sacred brilliance of your higher self

Nurture the sacred alchemy within as you embark upon a year-long odyssey into the ethereal realms, into the shadows, on a path of remembrance, illumination, awakening, rebirth, and the sincerest form of love. Within the enchanting embrace of your inner goddess, you will unravel and unlock past traumas, cut cords, reconnect with ancient wisdom, recollect forgotten echoes, and awaken the Divine Woman within.

Across lifetimes, you have traversed as a celestial, Divine Woman, and now, the time has come for you to tread this sacred path with sovereign grace. This program can be your sanctuary to mend ancient wounds, kindle the embers of your inner magic, infuse the sacred into your daily practices, and forge an inner dwelling, a soul-sanctury.

Where we are on the Celtic Wheel…

Each point on the wheel lasts roughly six weeks. Our LIVE gatherings are connected to the dates of the Northern Hemisphere, but you are more than welcome to join while living in the Southern Hemisphere. When you unroll in the year-long program you will receive all the materials that will support you in both hemispheres. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are currently moving into Lughnasadh, let us delve into what magic is taking place in the program right now…

Divine Woman Awakening Birthright

You are unconditionally loved.
You are Love itself.

Claim your birthright…

By embracing your sacred birthrights, you embody the cosmic dance of feminine energy, embracing the nurturing essence that flows through your veins. Self-love becomes a potent elixir, nourishing your spirit and kindling the radiant fire within. In your journey as a Divine Woman, you awaken to the remembrance of your sacred purpose. You carry the fire of transformation from within, igniting the path for others to follow. As the sovereign being you were born into the cosmos, you honor the interconnection of all beings and walk as one with Mother Nature.

Embrace your divine birthrights, dear Divine Woman, for they are the keys that unlock the doors to your truest expression, to your authenticity. In your radiant presence, the world transforms, and you become a guiding light, illuminating the path for others to embark on their own sacred journey of awakening and self-discovery.

You are worthy of unapologetic, fierce, and wild love, Divine Woman.

Love, Amanda

The Divine Woman Awakening inspires Inner Healing

Amanda Sophia Divine Woman

Divine, I’m Amanda

Mother | Divine Woman Mentor | Priestess | Earth Healer

As an ordained Celtic Priestess, Amanda carries a deep devotion to the Divine, allowing her to love fiercely and serve as a mother to her two children, her community, and her beloved students. Amanda has embraced the guidance of Priestesses from various traditions worldwide. Through her studies, she has woven together diverse strands of spirituality into a harmonious tapestry.

Amanda leads ceremonial rites of passage within her local community, awakening intuitive gifts and helping her students heal and thrive. Her passion is guiding people back home to themselves, their ancestors, and their sacred lands, and unlocking their inner magic. Amanda’s work encompasses various aspects, including womb healing, Celtic Paganism, and Druid practices. She works intimately with the Goddesses and with the powerful dragon and serpent energies. Her work is considered mystical, spiritual, and practical to apply in the modern day.

Amanda Sophia

Amanda Sophia is also a Feng Shui Expert and Geomancer with over 20 years of experience and more than 30,000 clients served. She founded the International Feng Shui School and the various training programs it runs, including the Divine Woman Awakening program where she guides women on a year-long journey through The Celtic Wheel, helping them discover, cultivate, and embody their authentic wisdom and power through ancient rituals.

Her expertise has been sought by notable clients such as Bloomingdale’s, Dreamworks, Bank of America, and Hewlett-Packard, all of whom have reported breakthroughs through her Feng Shui consulting. She has been featured in various media outlets, including Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit and Destiny, Irish Examiner, RTE, Fox News, and KSWB-TV.

Amanda invites anyone, regardless of their background, to access her teachings, resources, and online community, offering a safe space of inclusivity, support, and transformation. From the holistic blend of a lighthearted and fun approach to the deepened spiritual and ancient practices that Amanda teaches, she honors everyone in their journey and welcomes them to embrace healing and come home to themselves for the ultimate unique transformation rooted in their birthright.

Amanda's content has been featured in

Moon Cycles

Awaken your full sovereignty

Divine Woman Yoga Position

Your Journey starts today, Beloved

There is no need to wait or rush; no expectations or deadlines to meet. We warmly encourage you to participate in the LIVE gatherings we have listed, understanding that life can sometimes become hectic. However, if you happen to miss a gathering, you are welcome to watch the recorded sessions at your own leisure. The content is intentionally crafted to be self-paced, providing you with a seamless and convenient experience that perfectly aligns with your unique lifestyle. Our utmost desire is to see you flourish, thrive, and effortlessly complete this transformative journey.

All the rituals, ceremonies, and tools shared in the content are designed specifically for practical implementation. Each aspect has been carefully created to inspire you and nurture the magic within your daily rituals. It is our sincere intention to guide you in cultivating a deeper connection with the enchantment that exists in every facet of your life.

Our Supportive Circles

For each point of the Celtic Wheel, we have a LIVE virtual gathering, an intimate sacred space where we share in vulnerability, authenticity, and connection. We learn more about the season, and Mother Nature, sharing a soul “check-in” to embody what we’re learning.

In this divine circle of sisters, we find support, wisdom, and a sacred mirror that reflects our true essence. Through our collective intentions, rituals, and spiritual practices, we ripple out transformative energy into the world, igniting a collective awakening and healing. Together, within our supportive LIVE circles, we embody the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, honoring the sacred cycles of life, and empowering each other to shine brightly as divine beings.

As a BONUS, we have a private online forum that serves as an invaluable source of additional support. In this forum, our vibrant community shares their personal experiences with rituals, altars, and various practices, creating a space where you can learn from and be inspired by one another. It’s a nurturing environment where you can freely ask any questions that arise during your journey, receiving insightful guidance and thoughtful responses from both myself and your new-found soul-sisters.

Divine Woman Awakening Live Gatherings

Divine Woman Awakening Dates

July 27th 2024
Lughnasadh (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

September 13th 2024
Autumn Equinox (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

October 25th, 2024
Samhain (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

December 13th 2024

Winter Solstice (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

January 31st 2025
Imbolc (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

March 14th 2025
Spring Equinox (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

April 25th 2025 
Bealtaine (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

June 13th 2025
Summer Solstice (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

July 25th 2025
Lughnasadh (10 AM PST – 12 PM)

Have questions? Have a chat with Amanda.

Would you like to connect with Amanda to determine if this course is the best fit for you? Reach out to Amanda to set up your free 15-minute complimentary call.

Aine Atara

Amanda is a High Priestess in every sense of the word. She embodies all the teachings in the most beautiful, real, and authentic way and is a patient and kind instructor.

Áine Atara

Rebecca Tolin

In Amanda’s presence, you attune to a love so deep within, you feel you’ve already found what you were seeking. She is one of a kind, full of genuine caring and love, wisdom, and heart.

Rebecca Tolin Writer, Poet, and Life Coach

Olivia Fellus

If you are looking for healing, self-love, sisterhood, and connection to your inner Goddess and Higher Self, Amanda is the perfect guide.

Olivia Fellus

Celtic Wheel Divine Woman

The Celtic Wheel

The Celtic Wheel of the Year gracefully unfolds with its eight unique points, embodying the seasons of spirit and flesh. When we combine ancient wisdom with modern application, our annual 12 months are instead divided into 8 segments that follow the seasons, two solstices, two equinoxes, and four midway points in between these. Each spoke on the wheel extends its embrace for six weeks, allowing us to immerse ourselves fully in its transformative energy.

It gently guides us to walk hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, learning from her timeless wisdom. As women, we share an intrinsic oneness with nature, our own rhythms ebbing and flowing like the enchanting Moon herself.  Mother Nature tenderly extends an invitation to us, inviting us to turn our gaze toward her and harmonize our internal and external rhythms with her sacred symphony. In this harmonious dance, we recognize that time itself is cyclical, gracefully teaching us the profound lessons of death and rebirth.

How could this be applied to modern life?

The beauty of the Celtic Wheel lies in its flexibility, it can be embraced both in the sacred and the practical. Each point of the wheel invites deeper introspection, welcomes healing, and unites you with the earth and the divine feminine collective. When you work with the Celtic Wheel of the year, flowing as one with Source, Gaia, and the Land’s frequency, it awakens you to the beauty in the mundane, the ritual in the daily, and the magic stemming from the elements.

Unearth the spellbinding magic of the ordinary by walking hand-in-hand with our Mother. 

Amanda Sophia Celtic Wheel Divine Woman Awakening


Autumn Equinox: September 19th – 22nd

Samhain: October 28th – November 2nd

Winter Solstice:  December 19th – 22nd

Imbolc: January 30th- February 2nd

Spring Equinox: March 19th – 22nd

Bealtaine: April 30th – May 2nd

Summer Solstice: June 19th – 22nd

Lughnasadh July 30th – August 2nd


Autumn Equinox March 19th – 22nd

Samhain April 28th – May 2nd

Winter Solstice  June 19th – 22nd

Imbolc  July 30th – August 2nd

Spring Equinox September 19th – 22nd

Bealtaine October 28th – November 2nd

Summer Solstice December 19th – 22nd

Lughnasadh January 30th – February 2nd

Moon Cycles

Unveil Your Inner Priestess

What will your soul gain?

In this program, you will embark on a transformative journey towards profound harmony. This is more than a typical Celtic program delving into the historical aspects of ancient traditions; it is a comprehensive guide to envisioning your life in a state of complete balance. It encompasses practical and relevant daily tools that infuse enchantment into the ordinary, nurturing a sense of magic in every moment.

Community Leader

After completing all 9 Spirals, you will be equipped with the skills, scripts and training to become a facilitator of healing within your community. Empowering you to lead circles and guided meditations, and facilitate ceremonies & rituals in your community. Many of our alumni sisters have used these resources to advance their careers as Earth Healers & Ceremonialists.

Improved Health

We embrace the nourishment of Mother Earth, natural foods, soulful practices, and soothing herbal teas, among other nurturing elements. We invite you to practice regularly, with our delicately designed meditations, enhancing your physical wellbeing. We hold space for the gentle release of any heavy blockages or negative energies, allowing for a renewed sense of harmony and vitality to flow through you.

Inner Alignment

The archetypes, Goddesses, and ancients will be by your side as you embark on this inner transformative journey. They will illuminate every aspect of your life, including your shadow self, enabling you to introspect, heal, and conquer. This program will offer guidance to awaken your inner strength, leading you to a wondrous realization that the universe is aligned in your favor, which moving you from the victim mindset into a sustainable victorious reality.

Dynamic Movement

Optimal Practices

From meditation, yoga, breath techniques, dance, and other forms of movement, all practices will be optimized and you will be guided through customizing these practices to your lifestyle. The exercises included in the program are all curated to encourage you to take action, to move and perform advanced practices in the comfort of your own home and in nature, and as a guide for other women.

Intimacy & Sensuality

We view the profound journey of intimacy and sensuality as pathways to self-discovery and empowerment. Our focus rests on cultivating a deep connection with your soul, nurturing a vibrant and passionate way of living each day.  Through various practices like the exploration of sensual touch and the art of self-union. By connecting your womb, and feminine energy, to the nurturing embrace of the earth, you will unlock a profound capacity for intimacy with yourself and, in turn, with others.

Enriched Fertility

We will practice womb healing techniques, rituals & ceremonies for menopause, first blood, right of passage, and more. Opening up your Yoni and creating a sustainable portal between you and Mother Earth. All these practices will enrich your fertility and nourish your journey of womanhood. No matter your age, journey, or stage between Maiden, Queen, Mother, and Crone, you will be honored and supported.

Dynamic Movement

Bold Expression

In each spiral, you will discover practices that unlock and nourish your chakras, complemented by exercises that empower your courageous, wild, and daring nature to awaken. Embrace fearlessness in your daily practices, as you simultaneously heal and amplify the power of your voice, stepping into your truth and living from a place of authenticity. You will learn how to dress for your true essence, embodying your inner wildness and living from the truth of your sensual, howling, sacred and cosmically sovereign self.

Divine Balance

Divine Balance

You will receive guidance regarding powerful practices that aim to foster equilibrium in your personal journey and, ultimately, with Mother Nature. Through a combination of exercises, meditations, class videos, and the provided tools, you will be led to illuminate the essence of Source upon your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, both harmonizing and unifying them. By embracing and balancing our shadow and light aspects, each deserving of their own nurturing spaces, we unlock the full potential of our innate talents.

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing

We will walk into the depths of the cave, the shadows of the past, and the origins of your root being. We expand the family tree, adding branches of forgiveness and compassion, actively working to break free from ancestral patterns and sever the ties that bind us. We welcome our ancestors into our altars, rituals, and ceremonies, where we not only embrace their wisdom but also combine ancient rituals with the present practices.

Meet a few of our  Goddesses…

In the Divine Woman Awakening program, we focus on harnessing the profound power of the archetypes, goddesses, and Celtic ancients. By connecting with these guiding Goddesses, we rekindle our inner remembrance. These Goddesses embody immense power, strength, and wisdom that you can tap into, invite, and manifest. An experience interconnection, woven by energy. By observing the seasons, honoring the ancients, and revering Mother Nature, we begin to discern the intricate web of cosmic existence.

Goddess Aine

Aine invites you to step into your truth, to live from a place of authenticity, and to truly embody who you are. She invites you to move away from fear, to step away from insecurity and to move from the past into the present.

Goddess Morrigan

The Morrigan invites you to work with your ancestors, to heal your ancestral lines. She activates a support system in your personal and professional life through ancestral work, this is deeply rooted in the power you can draw from your ancestors in challenging times.

The Cailleach

She opens your intuition and invites you to listen to your inner guidance, opening you up to greater wisdom, both from within and from above. She activates the confidence to step into your Crone self. 

Goddess Brigid

She awakens your full power of dominion, guiding you to step into your role as a mother with patience, love, connection and healthy boundaries.
She opens your perspective to your creative potential, connecting you to inner and divine inspiration.

Goddess Gráinne

She invites you to be bold and to live from a place of wild authenticity. She shows you the true beauty you hold and activates that confidence, showing that you can carry anything through, from your wildest ambitions to your sacred spontaneity.

Goddess Maeve

She invites you to step into your power, to become the queen of your own life, knowing the depths of all your levels of worth. She activates your sexual freedom, guiding you through your desires and giving yourself permission to have what you truly desire.

Moon Cycles

a sacred space for your heart to heal and your spirit to soar

Kathleen Keelan

When you spend time with someone whose energetic vibration is as strong and pure as Amanda’s, your own vibration begins to shift. I experienced personal healing and transformation as a result of Amanda’s teaching and presence. I am forever grateful.

Kathleen Keelan

Melanie Mondini

Amanda has an enormous deep knowledge and teaches in such a clear, fun, and passionate way. Truly transformative and highly recommended to all.

Melanie Mondini

Karen Goldstein

Amanda is a High Priestess who radiates beauty and breathes love into everything she touches. The retreat had several life-altering experiences, guiding us and encouraged healing as we literally released the old and embraced the new.

Karen Goldstein

Awaken your femininity and power

How will you be supported?

Imagine being held during your path of healing and being part of soul-circle, an enchanting realm of the Divine Feminine. Women who experience support in sacred gatherings notice a heightened bond with themselves, their communities, and an enhanced connection in the advancement of conscious awareness. When women unite, they generate a magical force that contagiously beckons to be shared with the world.

Within our Sacred Circle, you will be welcomed to:

  • Receive soulful support
  • Engage in a private forum
  • Share vulnerabilities in our live gatherings
  • Participate in our in-person retreats
  • Create life-long bonds

The profound spiritual connection nurtured by our Divine Women encompasses mysticism, magic, and consciousness, all intricately intertwined.

Moon Cycles

Ignite your intuition and expand your holistic business

In Each Spiral there are:

    • Affirmations designed to keep you connected to your inner magic & the Divine energies above.
    • Chants & Mantras crafted to support you through the season’s potent frequency.
    • Altar building, guiding you to build with intention and intuition.
    • Rituals for each point on the Celtic Wheel, curated from ancient traditions, adaptable in modern application.
    • Guided meditations that lead you into healing, wholeness and wildness.
    • Practices that improve your physical, mental & emotional health, such as drawing your own vulva, creating flower crowns, creating vision boards and writing your own eulogy.
    • Sacred Soul Inquiry that invites custom reflection.
    • Nourishing recipes for herbal tea blends, created for each point of the wheel, which you can grow, forage and make yourself.
    • Visits to sacred sites, where I take you to sacred sites, sacred wells, stone circles, and more, all land that holds the potent energy of our ancestors and the land.
    • Ancient Gaelic blessings containing the goodness your ancestors and guides bestow on you.
    • Ancient activations that are prevalent to modern day, advancing your spiritual practice and empowering your inner magic.
    • A deep dive into the Irish Goddess Archetypes, including worldwide mythology from around the world, diving into their themes, intentions and history.
    Gold Level Program - International Feng Shui Guild

    The Divine Woman Awakening online course is brought to you by the International Feng Shui School. Amanda founded the International Feng Shui School over a decade ago with the mission to offer support and teachings to help raise the level of consciousness, person by person, and the vibration of the planet, home by home.

    The International Feng Shui School is a Gold Level School with the International Feng Shui Guild. The International Feng Shui Guild is the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui.

    The Divine Woman Awakening Spirals

    The Divine Woman Awakening is a 12-month life-changing journey consisting of 9 Spirals.
    The first 8 spirals can be purchased individually, however, to receive full certification all 9 spirals need to be completed. If you wish to purchase an individual spiral to “taste the magic” of this program, you will be discounted the amount on the full program if you wish to continue the full year-long program.

    Our Spirals Include:

    Autumn Equinox Module

    Spiral 1

    Autumn Equinox September

    Awakening and Embodying Your Inner Divine Woman

    At this point in the Celtic Wheel, we work through rituals, altar-building and co-creating with the monthly moon cycles. We work through self-compassion & self-acceptance, and healing the womb from any past trauma while working with holistic tools to flow naturally with our menstrual cycles. This is a time to process emotions, reflect and connect with the earth, Source, and your inner Goddess. We prepare to receive the abundance of the new Celtic year by releasing the old and creating an inviting space within ourselves for the new.


    Samhain Module

    Spiral 2

    Samhain October

    The Inner Shadow: a Journey of Ancestral Healing

    Samhain descends us to a point of darkness on the Celtic wheel, here we explore and heal the ancestral lineage, including healing the mother and father wounds we all carry. We rewrite our ancestral patterns for both personal and global transformations to sprout in our lives. We learn tools to set healthy boundaries, reconnecting with our roots whilst allowing space to transform our past systems and beliefs. There will also be guidance on womb and ovary healing with movements for activation and release to apply practically.


    winter solstice module image

    Spiral 3



    During the Winter Solstice, we will work through a ceremonial journey of remembrance where we’ll work with sacred energies, breathwork, and heal several areas of our lives, focusing on trauma, lack of self-confidence, and family ties. Including healing the inner child, and exploring more of your shadow self. We will learn to listen to the needs of self, be in tune with our bodies, minds and spirits, practice self-compassion and reflection through practical exercises, mantras and meditations.



    imbolc divine woman awakening celtic wheel spiral

    Spiral 4

    Imbolc February

    Purification & healing of both the land & self

    Imbolc is a time when we can focus on deepening the healing and growth that has already taken place. We work with the land through dowsing, energy lines and recognizing geopathic stress. We’ll connect with Goddess Brigid and practice the Fiery Arrow ritual; emotional healing through purification and growth takes place during these rituals and we extend it into simplified exercises. We also heal the Yin and Yang, integrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a beautiful balance. After the inner healing practices, we’ll work through space-clearing techniques and perform a cord-cutting ceremony to release that which has held us back.

    Spring Equinox Module Image

    Spiral 5

    Spring Equinox March

    A Journey of Rebirth & Radiance

    In the Spring Equinox, we will focus on rebirth, building altars and practicing rituals that will activate your voice as an instrument, rediscovering your values, balancing and aligning with the wheel of life, and honoring the life and death cycles within ourselves. We’re guided into Spring with tools that will allow you to walk into this new season with a clean slate, fresh eyes and a spirit ready to blossom.

    Bealtaine Module Divine Woman Awakening

    Spiral 6

    Bealtaine May

    Reclaim your sexual & sensual energy

    Bealtaine is the fiery festival time of pleasure and enjoyment where we will awaken the inner lover, going on a journey of building self-confidence and activating our inner joy. We’ll work through fire ceremonies and practices that allow us to fully embody this sensual season. Exercises for forgiveness, processing emotions and healing inner wounds, and bringing balance to the Divine Feminine and Masculine. We’ll also dive into our confident selves more with dressing designed for your essence, allowing your energy to be represented outwardly.

    Summer Solstice Module

    Spiral 7

    Summer Solstice June

    Awakening the inner wild woman

    Awaken your Inner Wild Woman and your Warrior Woman. The Summer Solstice is a space to awaken the inner wild, warrior and wise woman. We’ll work through rituals that awaken the wild side, empowering women to speak with confidence and howl with intention. We’ll nourish the soul with changes to the bedroom, manifestation and by flowing with the law of attraction when creating space for abundance. This module is dedicated to your best life as a wild woman, reducing stress and allowing yourself to function freely within your sovereignty. Any fears will be spoken to, dealt with, and released to welcome infinite abundance.

    LUGHNASA module image

    Spiral 8

    Lughnasadh August

    Cultivate unconditional love & sovereignty during the harvest

    Awaken your Unconditionally Loving Woman and Inner Manifestor Priestess. This is a time when we reap the fruits of seeds we had sown in love and spirit. The healing journey will continue while working on teenage wounds, stepping into our light and coming to true remembrance of who we are. We accept and let go of expectations from others and ourselves, this is a true representation of the unconditional love we deserve from ourselves. Lughnasadh invites us to show true love and gratitude for what has been done and what is yet to come. 

    Ancient Rituals and Ceremonies module

    Spiral 9

    Ancient Ceremonies

    The Priestess in practice

    We learn step by step how to perform ceremonies like the Croning, the Greening, handfasting, blood rituals, coming of age, vow renewals, and ceremonies after abortions and miscarriages. This is where everything we’ve learned in spirit can take physical form and become a thread connecting us to the communities around us.

    Spiral 9 Divine Woman Awakening
    Moon Cycles

    Are you ready to become an embodied Divine Woman?

    What sets this program apart from others?

    This self-paced journey invites you to follow the ancient teachings of The Celtic Wheel. Each step is intentional, guided by nature’s seasonal ebbs and flows. The Divine Woman Awakening is an invitation to journey inward to seek healing, discover your power, and give your Inner Wild Woman permission to come forth and empower your daily living.

    The end result is not just for personal empowerment, but Divine growth in your career. You will be equipped with scripts, training, and guidance on how to work with people, the land, and nature.

    After completing this year-long program, you will be rewarded with a certification, allowing you to lead others in a circle, guiding them through the Wheel of the Year and confidently performing ceremonies in your community.

    Why not build a career while rebuilding your inner world?


    Do you long to integrate your inner magic in all aspects of your life?

    Inner work | Relationships | Community | Career

    women in circle from the divine woman awakening
    Divine Woman Awakening with Amanda Sophia

    Are you ready to awaken the divine woman within?

    To accommodate diverse lifestyles and circumstances, we have integrated three payment options. You have the choice to acquire the comprehensive year-long program in a single payment or opt for a convenient 3-month payment plan. If you wish to experience a glimpse of the enchantment before committing fully, we invite you to embark on a “taste of the magic” by purchasing a single spiral. For our current offering in the Northern Hemisphere, the 8th spiral, Lughnasadh, awaits.

    Please be aware that purchasing individual spirals does not include the 9th spiral or certification. However, you have the option to upgrade your single spirals to the full program at any time.


    Single Payment



    3 x $1080 monthly payments


    Taste of Magic

    Single Spiral


    Prices in USD.

    PayPal Credit allows you 6 months of interest-free financing. Payments must be completed within the 6 months to be interest-free. All you have to do is fill out a quick application, and you will get a credit decision in seconds.
    Find out more and apply: US students, UK students

    Quality Training Guarantee

    Soul Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Invest in yourself with confidence

    With the resources, support, and materials in this course I’m certain that it will transform your home and life. But! If you’re not sure, I’d like to give you the peace of mind to invest risk-free. 

    If for any reason, after 14 days of purchasing the course, you feel it’s not for you or perhaps it doesn’t resonate, just let me know and we’ll give you a 100% refund on your purchase.

    I know this works, I know the wisdom is carried by the ancients, and the materials are carefully curated, the result of abundance and transformation speak for themselves. That being said, I always want you to feel safe in your investments both for yourself and your business. If you decide to invest in yourself, your future, and your goals with this course then you will have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the format and how long does it take to complete?

    We are delighted to offer the Divine Woman Awakening program as an accessible online experience, allowing participants from all corners of the world to engage. Upon registration, you will gain immediate access to a wealth of transformative resources, including rituals, ceremonies, lessons presented in the form of audios, videos, and meditations, as well as thoughtfully crafted workbooks, quizzes, and handouts.

    Whether you opt for the full program or a single spiral, you will enjoy lifetime access to the materials purchased, granting you the opportunity to embark on the Celtic Wheel of the Year journey annually. Additionally, you will have the privilege of joining us for the live gatherings each year. Embracing a self-paced approach, we encourage you to participate in the live sessions as your schedule allows.

    When are the live classes?

    We welcome you to join us for the Divine Woman gatherings each season. Please note our LIVE classes are listed here: 


    Is there a refund policy?

    Please read our return policy in its entirety and familiarize yourself with it prior to completing your purchase. This policy is in place to help students receive the most transformative experience possible. By honouring this policy, you are honouring yourself, the wider Priestess Awakening community, Amanda, and her team.

    We have the following refund policy:

    To support you in your original intention to join the Divine Woman Awakening School, and to also honour the sacred energetic support you are receiving, please note that there are NO REFUNDS once the training has begun. Be sure the Divine Woman Awakening program is right for you before you sign up! If you would like to connect with Amanda about if this is the right course for you, book a free no-pressure 20-minute chat.

    This includes payment plans, which you are committing to complete, even if you decide to not take full advantage of the offerings.

    How long do I have access to this course?

    You have lifetime access! The initial program is one year. However, you have lifetime access to the Divine Woman  Awakening year after year if you wish to stay on the journey together. We would be honoured to have you join us each year.

    Will I have access to Amanda for questions?

    Yes, Amanda will be the host at all the Divine Woman Gatherings. Amanda loves engaging with her fellow Goddesses in the private forum. You may ask questions, share stories, concerns, and successes. 

    We can genuinely say: when you join the Divine Woman Awakening, you become part of our tribe. Engaging in lifelong learning is paramount to us. As we shift our inner and outer landscape, we raise our consciousness. We come closer to realizing our potential for global peace, harmony, and abundance.

    How do I know if I am ready to begin?

    We would like to encourage you to assess your readiness by reflecting on your current wellbeing, aspirations, and inner calling. If you desire to feel the energy of the program and get a taste of Amanda’s teachings then we recommend purchasing a single spiral and getting a taste of the cosmic power they hold. 

    Divine timing is everything. Amanda is available to answer any questions or hear your hesitations in a non-commitment, complimentary 20-minute call.

    Do I need to have prior experience?

    You do not need to have prior experience in spirituality nor do you need to have been part of an online community before. Simply follow your sincerest inner calling for transformation. That, beloved, is the start of your journey.

    Who is the Divine Woman Awakening for?

    Although anyone can learn how to do this work, this training is best for those willing to commit to 1 hour per day of practice on their own time.

    We urge those that meet the following criteria to reconsider joining the Divine Woman Awakening:

    • You are afraid of or turned off by spirituality, mention of magic, or ancient rituals.
    • You are genuinely not open to exploring past hurts that are necessary to acquire lasting transformation.
    • You are judgmental of other people’s interpretations of spirituality or are unwilling to encourage others on their journey.
    • You are unable to commit to 1 hour each day to develop your practice.