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Divine Woman Podcast with Amanda Sophia

The Divine Woman Podcast

With Amanda Sophia

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Beloved, The Divine Woman Podcast is an invitation to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, heal old wounds, and live in harmony with nature, source, and spirit.

Join Priestess Amanda Sophia and spiritual thought leaders as they discuss ancient spiritual teachings from The Celtic Wheel and share tips on how to live from a place of sovereignty, joy, and connectedness. Each episode will empower you to connect with your inner divine feminine. Weave these sacred teachings into every area of your life and emerge fully confident of your innate worth.

Tune in, Beloveds. You are welcome here.

Awaken the Wild Woman Within

Awaken the Wild Woman Within

Beloved Divine Goddess, your Wild Woman is calling to you, longing for you to bring her into the light. We’re stepping away from societal standards and expectations and stepping into our power as women, we’re cultivating a deepened relationship with ourselves.

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Amanda Sophia - Celtic Priestess

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I’m a Feng Shui Master and Celtic Priestess, and I’m here to help you improve your relationship, career, finance and health.

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Discover your inner goddess

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