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Lughnasadh: Reaping the Fruits of the Energetic Seeds we’ve Sown

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Lughnasadh was named after the God Lugh (also Lug, Luga) as he was one of the most important Celtic gods, particularly in Ireland, and he represented the sun and light.

The message of Lughnasadh invites us to reap what we’ve sown, seeing the fruits of our labor and love blooming into flavors of positive energy.

During this time you can release the fears you might have of the future. We don’t need to fear winter, as the warmth of summer has prepared us. It’s time to honor ourselves, honor your community, and celebrate your pack, tribe, and family. This weather has streaks of light and warmth but there’s a whisper in the air that the darkness of winter is coming and we can prepare through rituals, meditation, and inward reflection.

Beloved, this is a glowing opportunity to embody the energy of Goddess Danu. The Mother Goddess of Ireland invites you to step into abundance during this season of Lughnasadh. Now is the time to connect with the archetype that lies within you.
As the harvest nears, Danu beckons you to create moments of self-inquiry. This time, Beloved, like every point of The Celtic Wheel so far, is a warm welcome to unburden yourself and nurture the areas of your spirit that need tending to.

You deserve to align with your dreams and bring them into the physical realm. Nature reminds us of the seasons changing and how we can adapt from warmth to light to darkness and transition into the cold with enough abundance to carry us into the next season. Allow this transition to run through you, flowing through your energy without disruption. You are a vessel and the energetic flow within you is ready to fill your life with abundance, gratitude, and sovereignty.

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My invitation to you is to give yourself this tremendous gift.

Love, Amanda

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