Amanda Sophia - Priestess and Feng Shui Master Amanda Sophia
Celtic Priestess & Feng Shui Master

Do you desire to awaken the Divine Woman within?

Embrace Celtic wisdom and goddesses, awakening your Divine Woman essence. Harmonize with Mother Nature, healing and nurturing yourself, cultivating your inner magic within the Divine Woman Awakening Program.

Amanda Sophia - Priestess

Free Monthly Gatherings

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Divine Women Gatherings with Amanda Sophia

Divine Women Gatherings

Connect with your higher self, heal old wounds and awaken the Divine Woman within. This is a safe circle of sisters from around the globe, supporting each other through their soul journeys.

Feng Shui Monthly Gatherings

Feng Shui Gatherings

Create inner balance and harmony through tools, tips, and remedies designed to transform your home and life using Feng Shui. You’re welcomed into this supportive circle where we cultivate sustainable rituals for your daily practices.

Geomancy Gatherings with Amanda & Alex

Geomancy & Land Healing Gatherings

Deepen your connection with nature, learn to listen, read and heal the land with support from like-minded individuals who want to elevate their relationship with the earth and live by her seasons.

Free Divine Woman Mini-Course

A FREE mini-course designed to nurture the essence of your inner divine magic. You will gain a toolkit to inspire and empower you, encouraging a life enriched with rituals, powerful practices, supportive Archetypes, and guidance on the Celtic Wheel to nurture your soul.

Priestess Awakening Journey And Initiation

Priestess Remembrance Retreat

Join us for a sacred journey of remembrance…
and empower the leader, healer, wise woman, and priestess within you.

Retreat date:
Summer 2024

Your Transformational Journey to Healing Begins at The Emerald Isle

Convene with ancient goddesses & discover the priestess within

The Priestess Rememberance Retreat is a 7-day exclusive experience that will empower your intuition, nourish your heart, bring you home to your highest self and awaken the warrior within.

Gather for a week of visiting sacred sites, relaxation, attune your spirit to hope and join a Sisterhood whose support will sustain you long after the retreat.

The Priestess Rememberance Retreat is the enriching in-person version of The Priestess Awakening online course and so much more! Witness the magic as the spiritual and physical realms become one in the land of the Celtic Goddesses.

Beloved, you need only to show up as you are.