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How I prepare for Imbolc with Soul Inquiry

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In this episode, we’ll discuss the meaning and self-inquiry that takes place during Imbolc, this is a beautiful midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Let’s take a look at what this means.

Imbolc, meaning “in the belly”, is a traditional Gaelic festival and marks the midway point between winter and spring. Mother Nature is preparing for a new life in the coming months. Seeds are nestled into their beds and are growing each day. Animals are growing their young in their wombs to deliver in spring.

In the past few months, we’ve gone into the depths, journeyed through the cave with Mother Bear and Grandmother Spider from the time of the Autumn Equinox, then deeper into our ancestry in Samhain and further descending into the Winter Solstice. Now, in Imbolc, we receive this promise of light, this gift of what the spring will hold and we can sustain ourselves with the slivers of sunrays it brings.

This is a time to retrieve our gifts from the darkness, a time to slowly reflect on what intentions we’ve planted, and which of those have been or are now manifesting in our lives. In this episode, we’ll go over intentional questions for soul inquiry during Imbolc, to review what we’ve experienced and undergone in the darkness and how we can bring that into the light of spring.

I invite you to get comfy, Beloved, get a candle, and a warm cuppa, and seat yourself in a calm space that invites you to listen with intent and welcomes reflection as you hold your pen and paper. Write these questions down, pause the episode in between these questions, and answer with sincerity.

Imbolc invites us to meet our intentions and heal with action, slowly growing what we’ve planted and welcoming what we will reap soon. You may be looking at your self-care rituals, and how you can improve them, or perhaps you need to reflect on areas where you might still feel stagnant energy, and how you can let go of this and leave it in the darkness. Allow this time to give you inspiration, to clean the clutter from an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual perspective. Align with what feels good and release what doesn’t.

Beloved, the intentions you have sown during Winter Solstice are taking root and will soon bud into their full beauty. You’ve come so far already in your journey and all you have set out to accomplish is taking shape just beneath the surface.

I invite you to listen to this episode as you prepare for Imbolc and allow yourself the space to feel good about what you’ve accomplished, and about what you have been able to heal and restore in the last few months. Be proud of your journey, Beloved. You’ve made it this far, and the Spring Equinox will start showing you just how far your journey has taken you! We’re almost in the light of the sun.

In this Episode, we chat about…

01:19 Welcome to Imbolc.
02:20 What is Imbolc?
04:11 My invitation to you: Soul Inquiry Questions
12:43 Goddess Brigid
15:48 Divine Woman Awakening & Divine Woman Gatherings

If you’re interested in discovering more practices, rituals, mantras, affirmations, and much more about the Winter Soltice or other sacred pints on the Celtic Wheel, I invite you to take a look at joining the Divine Woman Awakening course, an online journey to healing, self-discovery, and transformation. You can also join the Free Divine Women’s Gatherings here.

This is a safe space for you to express your authentic self, and be embraced by a circle of support and love where we can all grow together. You are Loved, and worthy and I’m so proud of your journey to purpose and awakening!

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My invitation to you is to give yourself this tremendous gift.

Love, Amanda

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