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Priestess Circle

Beloved, welcome

You’ve taken the first step to claim your right to live from a place of sovereignty, connectedness, and joy.

Step 1: Download the Priestess workbook

Step 2: Watch the video

How to walk the priestess path with

gentle discipline and love

My life-changing 12-month in-depth Divine Awakening Course’s live classes has started! Beloved, if you feel called to awaken the Goddess within in a supportive community, I invite you to learn more by clicking the button below.

Step 3: Download and listen to meditation

Meditation and Affirmations

Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

Beloved, join Amanda Sophia in a meditative journey of self-love and self-acceptance. Return to a deep inner knowing of your immense value. Use this space to transform and release anything that does not serve you. Rewrite all beliefs and thoughts so you can reclaim and remember that you are worthy of love. This meditation is an invitation to open yourself to accept love in your body, mind, and soul. May you keep these affirmations close to your heart as you go about your day, beloved.

The duration of this meditation is 18:07.
MP3 format (17MB)

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