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What is the  Summer Solstice all about?

The summer solstice is the turning point of the
year when the sun shines brightest. This season brings energy, inspiration, outwardness, manifestation, and transformation. We feel the heat increasing and forming trails of sun rays to its peak, the highest point of the sun. It’s a time of abundance, fertility, expansion, passion, movement, and sustainability. er to surface–unapologetically and unhindered. As the warm, bright days envelop us in their sunrays, we are reminded of the wild, untethered spirit. Summer Solstice awakens our natural inhibitions, dreams, and desires.

Free Ebook on  Goddess Ériu 

Discover the ancient wisdom and divine energy of the Goddess Ériu with our FREE ebook download. Learn about her role in Irish mythology and see how she can enhance your daily practices and spiritual journey. Ériu, who gave her name to Ireland, symbolizes fertility, abundance, and the sovereignty of the land. As the Goddess of the Summer Solstice, she will guide you toward your own abundance and help you embrace your inner sovereignty.

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