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The Triple Goddess with Syma Kharal

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To always feel and to know that you are divine is obtainable. To see yourself in the story of goddesses from across cultures is a true gift. A goddess is whole, wise, enlivened, embodied and powerful. She is a warrior at times, a sexual being in others, a mother and a healer. One that encompasses all of human emotion and experience.

Today I chat with the amazing Syma Kharal as she shares her story and wisdom. Her journey towards wholeness from a tumultuous past felt lacking with the usual methods like talk therapy. Syma wanted personal power, to feel a strong sense of self-worth, and to heal her womb. She began to study and connect with the goddess. By honoring every stage of the goddess; maiden, mother, and crone she teaches us that we can heal ourselves with their archetypal power. Even more amazing Syma leads us in a beautiful meditation that you can use anytime to connect to goddess wisdom.

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In this episode we chat about…

4:03|Syma’s Story
12:06|The Triple Goddess
16:34|The Stages of Life
21:53|Rituals & Rite of Passage
28:10|Daily Connection with the Divine
31:45|Goddess Wisdom Meditation

My invitation to you is to give yourself this tremendous gift.

Love, Amanda

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