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Divine Woman FREE Mini-Course

Walk the path of healing with 

Amanda Sophia 

A FREE mini-course designed to nurture the essence of your inner divine magic. You will gain a toolkit to inspire and empower you, encouraging a life enriched with rituals, powerful practices, supportive Archetypes, and guidance on the Celtic Wheel to nurture your soul.

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Are you ready to Dance with the Divine?

Amanda Sophia Divine Woman Awakening

Are you ready to live confidently?
Do you long for deeper connections?
Have you always felt connected to a different realm?
Is your soul calling you to a path of healing?

If you are ready to move beyond the negative mindset society has instilled in women, and move into the positive soulset destined for you, then this mini-course will awaken you to new life. A life filled with alignment, balance and rituals that cultivate magic in the mundane.

Amanda Sophia Divine Woman Awakening
Moon Cycles

a sacred space for your heart to heal and your spirit to soar

Amanda Sophia Divine Woman

What does it mean to be a Divine Woman?

At the core of being a Divine Woman is the commitment to inner healing. It’s about delving into the depths of your being, unraveling the layers of past wounds, and nurturing yourself back to wholeness.

It is about reconnecting with your essence, reclaiming the parts of yourself that may have been hidden or forgotten, and embracing your true nature. This process of rediscovery empowers you to stand unwaveringly in your truth. A Divine Woman runs in her sensuality, finding joy in the simple pleasures, and inviting others to join in this celebration of life. She understands the power of nurturing environments where vulnerability is welcomed, where growth is encouraged, and where magic can thrive.

She finds the sacred in the ordinary, she transforms routine activities into rituals of connection and profound meaning. Ultimately, being a Divine Woman is a tapestry woven from these threads of healing, rediscovery, authenticity, sensuality, safe spaces, and magical living. It is an invitation to step into your full power, embrace your inner wildness, and radiate your unique light in the world.

Are you longing to unlock your fullest potential?
Are you eager to transform your goals into your reality?
Do you long to attract love in every area of your life?

Enroll in the Divine Woman Awakening Mini-Course, where I will equip you with tools, rituals, and practices designed to empower you as a master manifestor. In this mini-course, you will discover how to empty your soul’s cup and fill it with self-love, compassion, intention, and a sense of wholeness.

You will learn to construct sacred altars that support your intentions, allowing you to manifest your deepest desires. Additionally, you will establish clear and nurturing boundaries, ensuring that your energy remains untainted while safeguarding your soul in a sacred and secure space.

Be held, supported, and guided by the Irish Goddesses, Archetypes that hold ancient wisdom, exceptional strength, and guidance that will lead you to a deeper connection with Source, Mother Earth, Gaia and your inner Divine Woman.

Engage in self-inquiry during the full moon and new moon phases, where you will receive powerful prompts designed to facilitate the release of what needs to be let go of. This journey will pave the way for the manifestation magic that resides within you, opening doors to incredible possibilities, both in your inner and outer worlds.

Do you sense a  Stirring within?

You are longing to live more authentically?
Are you ready to move from disempowerment to confidence?
You know in your heart you were designed for more…

This is your Soul whispering, inviting you to come home to yourself.

Amanda Sophia Divine Woman

Divine, I’m Amanda

Mother | Divine Woman Mentor | Priestess | Earth Healer

As an ordained Celtic Priestess, Amanda carries a deep devotion to the Divine, allowing her to love fiercely and serve as a mother to her two children, her community, and her beloved students. Amanda has embraced the guidance of Priestesses from various traditions worldwide. Through her studies, she has woven together diverse strands of spirituality into a harmonious tapestry.

Amanda leads ceremonial rites of passage within her local community, awakening intuitive gifts and helping her students heal and thrive. Her passion is guiding people back home to themselves, their ancestors, and their sacred lands, and unlocking their inner magic. Amanda’s work encompasses various aspects, including womb healing, Celtic Paganism, and Druid practices. She works intimately with the Goddesses and with the powerful dragon and serpent energies. Her work is considered mystical, spiritual, and practical to apply in the modern day.

Amanda Sophia

Amanda Sophia is also a Feng Shui Expert and Geomancer with over 20 years of experience and more than 30,000 clients served. She founded the International Feng Shui School and the various training programs it runs, including the Divine Woman Awakening program where she guides women on a year-long journey through The Celtic Wheel, helping them discover, cultivate, and embody their authentic wisdom and power through ancient rituals.

Her expertise has been sought by notable clients such as Bloomingdale’s, Dreamworks, Bank of America, and Hewlett-Packard, all of whom have reported breakthroughs through her Feng Shui consulting. She has been featured in various media outlets, including Vogue, Yoga Journal, Spirit and Destiny, Irish Examiner, RTE, Fox News, and KSWB-TV.

Amanda invites anyone, regardless of their background, to access her teachings, resources, and online community, offering a safe space of inclusivity, support, and transformation. From the holistic blend of a lighthearted and fun approach to the deepened spiritual and ancient practices that Amanda teaches, she honors everyone in their journey and welcomes them to embrace healing and come home to themselves for the ultimate unique transformation rooted in their birthright.

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Moon Cycles

Awaken your full sovereignty

Divine Woman Meditating

Why is this mini-course FREE?

I have been working with women for decades, helping them access their inner power, manifesting magic, and allowing their wildness to ROAR with confidence. That is what led me in creating the Divine Woman Awakening Wheel of the Year Program, where women can come for a year-long-commitment or a single spiral of connecting to source and each other, learning about rituals, ancient traditions, and Archetypes to support them in their journeys.

But, something was missing, I felt that I could reach more women, inspiring Mothers, Business Women, Healers, Spiritualists, Facilitators, and Ceremonialists (to name a few) by giving them all a taste of the same profound healing I have experienced. THAT is why I do this, I want to give you as much support as I can, and provide you with the answers your soul has been seeking.

My vision is for women to collectively stand in their sovereignty, heal thousand-year-old wounds running in their ancestral roots and step into their power like never before. I believe YOU deserve a life beyond the ordinary, I believe you deserve an extraordinary, cosmically aligned and magically cultivated life filled with compassion, wisdom, transformation and balance.

Have questions? Have a chat with Amanda.

Would you like to connect with Amanda to determine if this course is the best fit for you? Reach out to Amanda to set up your free 15-minute complimentary call.

Celtic Wheel Divine Woman
Journeying through the Celtic Wheel of the Divine Woman Awakening

The Celtic Wheel of the Year gracefully unfolds through eight distinct points, representing the seasons of both spirit and nature. By blending ancient wisdom with modern understanding, we divide our twelve months into these segments, aligning with the solstices, equinoxes, and intermediary points. Each segment lasts for about six weeks, allowing us to fully engage with its transformative energy.

 This FREE Divine Woman Mini-Course encourages us to walk alongside Mother Nature and learn from her, harmonizing with her sacred rhythms.  As women, we share a natural connection with the world around us, our rhythms mirroring the Moon’s phases. This collaboration with Source reveals the cyclical nature of time and allows us to step out of the ‘hustle’ mindset and more into the present energy we deserve to be in.

How could this be applied to modern life?

The beauty of the Celtic Wheel of the Year is that it remains applicable in the modern day. Yes, not many will still be practicing these ancient rituals, but, the seasons still change in the same order. When you are so deeply connected to nature, you fall into a sacred cyclical rhythm of acceptance, release, reflection, revitalization, and awareness. When you work with the Celtic Wheel of the Year, flowing as one with Source, Gaia, and the Land’s frequency, it awakens you to the magic in the mundane, the ritual in the routine, and the cosmic energy stemming from the elements. In the simplest of terms, you will have the tools, strength and power of the ancients while using modern-day, fully customizable ‘recipes’ of healing for your spirit. 


“When you spend time with someone whose energetic vibration is as strong and pure as Amanda’s, your own vibration begins to shift. I experienced personal healing and transformation as a result of Amanda’s teaching and presence. I am forever grateful.”


“Amanda has an enormous deep knowledge and teaches in such a clear, fun, and passionate way. Truly transformative and highly recommended to all.”


Amanda is a High Priestess who radiates beauty and breathes love into everything she touches. The retreat had several life-altering experiences, guiding us and encouraged healing as we literally released the old and embraced the new.”


“Amanda is a High Priestess in every sense of the word. She embodies all the teachings in the most beautiful, real, and authentic way and is a patient and kind instructor.”


“In Amanda’s presence, you attune to a love so deep within, you feel you’ve already found what you were seeking. She is one of a kind, full of genuine caring and love, wisdom, and heart.”


“If you are looking for healing, self-love, sisterhood, and connection to your inner Goddess and Higher Self, Amanda is the perfect guide.”

Divine Woman Mini-course mockup

In this Free mini course you’ll find:

    • E-Books, audio, videos and pdfs to cater to all learning styles. 
    • Rituals and practices that are entirely customizable to your needs and journey. 
    • Tools designed for personal development as well as profound spiritual awakenings and the expansion of the consciousness.
    • Guidance on self-love, relationships, health, wellness, and more.
    • Ancient Celtic Wisdom to enhance your spiritual practice, as well as learning about Archetypes that support and strengthen you.
    • A profound yet digestible taste of the Divine Woman Awakening Program’s soul-centered content.

    What is included?

    Because this is a FREE resource, we tried to include a taste from different spirals of the Divine Woman Awakening Program. Please note that these classes are best paired with the year-long program; but, as a stand-alone resource, you will be gifted tools that you can use on a daily basis to live from an inner place of balance, wholeness, and inspiration.  

    Amanda Divine Woman Mentor


    To this free guide

    We will walk through the mini-course, and I will introduce you to the format and what you can expect. This is a space where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, honest, and present. When going through this section, you will be invited to different parts of the mini-course for specific reasons, I invite you to listen to your heart on what resonates with you.

    Celtic Wheel of the year Divine Woman Awakening

    The Celtic Wheel

    How it can support your life

    Learn ancient mythology, the ways of the Celtic Wheel and why you, Divine Woman, will benefit from incorporating each point of the wheel in your practices, from learning about the supportive energies, to what you can expect to experience during each point of the wheel. Each will be discussed in detail and you will receive powerful blessings, soul inquiry and more!

    Divine Woman Awakening Goddesses

    Irish Goddesses

    Archetypes that support you

    Walk with the Goddesses. I will guide you through the Irish Goddesses we work with throughout the Divine Woman Awakening Program. This includes their mythology, energies and what cosmic balance they can invite into your life. We will go through soul inquiries relating to each Goddess and learn to evoke them in our altars, rituals and practices.

    Divine Woman Sacred Flow

    Sacred Flow

    Align with Divine Menstrual Cycles

    You will be gifted a roadmap to Divine Menstrual Cycles and told how to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Learn the power of blood and how powerful shifting your frequency can be for pain, trauma, and shame. We will learn what the different moon menstrual cycles are for women and how to align our cycles with the moon.

    Samhain Module

    Moonlight Reflection

    Meditations & Soul-Inquiry

    Experience powerful Moon meditations and Soul inquiry questions that allow you to reflect and work through your intentions. Drift into deep meditation as you release, let go, and make room for more under the potent light of the moon. This will set the stage for success and balance in the rest of the cycle and will allow you to deeply connect to the cosmos.

    Samhain Module

    Meditation Magic

    Guided Meditations that Support

    You will gain access to guided meditations that evoke the magic, invite the ritual, and cultivate a safe space for your intentions, goals, and guidance to flow from the realms above into your world. You will work with rejuvenating energies, ancient bone woman meditations, and self-love practices during these meditations, giving you a daily tool to execute brilliance in your spiritual practice.

    Sunflower Divine Woman boundaries

    Boundary Building

    A guide to healthy boundaries

    Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries? In this guide, you will have everything you need to recognize broken boundaries, set healthy boundaries and follow the correct steps to a confident “YES” to yourself. This will set you up for healthy relationships, work-life balance and a deeper sense of compassion for yourself.

    Divine Woman Spiritual Alchemy

    Spiritual Alchemy

    A Practical Toolkit

    Learn how to build sacred altars according to the specific points on the Celtic Wheel and by following the Archetypes you invite into your altar space. You will find rituals, breathwork and enhanced spiritual practices in this toolkit, which will improve your spiritual practices. Evoke spiritual alchemy in everything you do and ignite your inner joy.

    Divine Woman Self Love

    Self-Love Support Kit

    A Guide on Self-Compassion

    In each aspect of this mini-course, we will focus on Self-Compassion and Self-Love, equipping you to give yourself what you have been craving from others. We will work together to shake off the shame of society and step into our own sovereignty, confidence, and sacred wholeness.

    Divine Woman Awakening with Amanda Sophia

    Are you ready to awaken the divine woman within?

    Taste of Magic

    Awaken your Inner Divine Woman


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    Did you know… You can turn this into a career?

    The Divine Woman Awakening Program, a self-paced journey that invites you to follow the ancient teachings of The Celtic Wheel can guide you to become a facilitator. 

    The end result is not just for personal empowerment, but Divine growth in your career. You will be equipped with scripts, training, and guidance on how to work with people, the land, and nature.

    After completing this year-long program, you will be rewarded with a certification, allowing you to lead others in a circle, guiding them through the Wheel of the Year and confidently performing ceremonies in your community.

    Why not invest in a soul-rewarding career?

    Hear from the Women who Awakened to their Inner Magic

    Divine Woman Podcast
    Divine Woman Podcast with Amanda Sophia

    The Divine Woman Podcast is an invitation to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, heal old wounds, and live in harmony with nature, source, and spirit. Join me as I guide you through ancient Celtic practices, the Celtic Wheel, meditations, and holistic wellness tips.

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