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Embodiment and the Celtic Wheel with Jen Murphy

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Join us for this magical episode as I sit down with Jen Murphy, a true guardian of Celtic traditions who speaks on her journey of embodiment and the Celtic Wheel.

Jen’s journey into the world of Irish folklore and mythology began with her storyteller grandmother, who regaled her with captivating tales of ancient Ireland. This early fascination with Irish traditions set the stage for her remarkable academic and spiritual journey that you wouldn’t want to miss!

With a degree in Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies and anthropology, Jen delved deep into the study of systems of oppression, forging her path towards teaching practices and learning how to adapt ancient traditions for the modern day. After the birth of her first son, she experienced a profound transformation, guided by the energy of the Goddess and Queen Maeve, among other powerful archetypes. Jen describes this journey as a trail of breadcrumbs leading her to her present purpose.

Today, Jen runs a Celtic Embodiment School where she imparts her wisdom and knowledge to others. In this episode, she shares her profound connection with the Calliach during the Autumn Equinox, highlighting the immense power of these energies during this sacred time of year when we slowly descend into the darkness.

Listen in as Jen reveals the daily practices she teaches women, helping them awaken their feminine and masculine energies while inviting supportive archetypes to hold space with them. These practices not only foster personal growth but also enable a profound connection with the spirit.

Intrigued by the Selkies and the Celtic Wheel? Join us as Jen takes us on a journey through these mystical realms, tales, and her personal experiences, offering insights into the ancient practices and wisdom she recommends. Discover how she seamlessly incorporates her academic skills and spiritual work to connect with archetypes, cultures, and traditions from around the world while empowering women to incorporate these rituals into their everyday lives.

Don’t miss this episode as we explore the magic of the Autumn Equinox and the Celtic Wheel with Jen Murphy, a true guide to the hidden depths of Celtic spirituality and tradition

Jen Murphy is the creator of Celtic Embodiment, a cutting-edge modality that fuses the ancient wisdom of Celtic Mythology with the emerging field of Feminine Embodiment Coaching to transform modern life for women. Jen is a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach and holds a degree in Medieval Irish & Celtic Studies and an M.A. in the Anthropology of Development. Coming from a lineage of storytellers and wisdom keepers on her maternal line, Jen is fascinated by the natural coalescence between our ancestral myths and our bodies as a potent brew to reclaim our sovereign power.

Instagram: @celticembodiment

In this Episode we chat about…

00:19 Opening Sacred Space
01:27 Guest Introduction: Jen Murphy
02:48 The Journey
06:06 The Energy & Mythology of the Autumn Equinox
09:32 The Cailleach
14:20 The Sovereignty Goddesses
19:02 The Powerful Story of the Selkie: Embodiment practice
32:51 Personal Daily Practices

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