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Healing the Inner Child

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Healing the Inner Child is an important part of one’s healing journey.

What is the inner child and what does it mean? 

Your inner child is the spontaneous, joyful, and playful piece of your personality that can be deeply affected by negative experiences. If something triggers a memory linked to a traumatic or adverse childhood experience, your inner child will respond accordingly. When the inner child isn’t healed and the inner work is suppressed, this can lead to substance abuse or negative habits. 

How do I know I have a wounded inner child? 

Your inner child could be the reason behind a rude comment or negative reaction– a lack of attention or a simple change in routine may have triggered them. Our unexpectedly childish reaction shouldn’t be so quickly dismissed. It might have nothing to do with the moment you’re in, but it might be a wound you’ve frozen or suppressed. 

We need to fully recognize this manifestation and discover the ‘whys’ behind it. It is essential to acknowledge the inner child living within us. It is time to live life with them rather than work around them.

In this episode, I’ll run through examples of what this could look like in your life and practices that you can use and flow with to start the healing process. I’ll also explain how you use your voice with a beautiful vulnerability. It’s important to give your inner child a voice, drawing healthy boundaries in your relationships.  

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Love, Amanda

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