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How to Heal the Nervous System: Simple Tools for Self Regulation

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In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with Dr.Somer Nicole about how to heal the nervous system and she provides profound yet simple tools for self-regulation, reparenting, and protocols you can put in place to feel safe within your own space.


Do you feel chronically dysregulated? 

Do you feel like you are reactive instead of responsive? 

Beloved, we all have wounds that we are aware or unaware of, and on the path to healing, we often realize we need to reparent ourselves in order to regulate our emotions in a more functional and supportive way. Healing can feel like a painfully slow process, but it is possible to speed this process up and see the results in all aspects of your nervous system and life.

If you long to trust yourself again and want to hack your nervous system to be balanced, regulated, and supportive of your healing journey, then this episode is for you. Dr.Somer Nicole describes her journey from a Western science background into deep somatic healing. She’s spent the better part of seventeen years delving into alternative, natural and holistic forms of healing, which is where she started reparenting herself from her own inner abandonment wound and healing her inner child.

In the later years of learning about these different forms of healing, she went through a divorce that acted as a catalyst in many ways.  She describes the emotional processes she went through during the divorce resulting in freeze responses and how she unlocked practices that help you unfreeze your nervous system. She explains the foundations of the polyvagal theory and how we can work with our social engagement system to self-regulate our nervous system. 

What are the benefits of regulating your nervous system?

  • Improve sleep
  • Boosted digestion
  • Positive Responses in Relationships
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Enhanced focus
  • Pain management 

And much more…

If you want to navigate your life from a place of safety instead of defense, then I invite you to listen to this episode and learn about the safe and sound protocol that Dr.Somer Nicole will not only explain but also offers it in her programs. She provides simple tools to self-regulate, activate your vagus nerve, discharge the necessary energy, and be consistent in the movement that your body craves. 

Please have a look at Dr.Somer Nicole’s six-month program: Foundations of Healing: Reparenting, resilience and Reclamation of Power

Divine Goddess, if this episode stirred something inside of you, pass it along to another soul sister or brother who may benefit from the amazing wisdom shared here.

Dr. Somer Nicole specializes in Trauma Resolution with Somatic Healing, Reparenting and Nervous System Regulation. She created her own method called Somatic Reparenting MethodTM. Her Doctorate is in Physical Therapy, she is a CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher and specializes in Pelvic Floor Recovery. Dr. Somer is passionate about helping people heal and empower themselves at the deepest level, upgrading emotional intelligence and update old, limiting beliefs of abandonment, unworthiness and disempowerment into the frequency of self-love and empowerment. She is a Safe and Sound Protocol Provider to help one fast-track their nervous system into increased capacity and resilience, rewiring the effects of trauma.

Connect with Dr. Somer Nicole

Founder of YogaDoctors.TV &

Foundations of Healing

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Join Dr. Somer Nicole in learning her Somatic Reparenting Method, where she integrates 20

years of knowledge of being in the healing and therapy world. This method will give you an embodied experience of Somatic Healing, Reparenting your inner child and subconscious mind reprogramming.

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If you’re interested in discovering more practices, rituals, mantras, affirmations, and much more, I invite you to take a look at joining the Divine Woman Awakening course, an online journey to healing, self-discovery, and transformation. You can also join the Free Divine Women’s Gatherings here.

This is a safe space for you to express your authentic self, and be embraced by a circle of support and love where we can all grow together. You are Loved, and worthy and I’m so proud of your journey to purpose and awakening!

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Love, Amanda

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